Created out of a passion for digital and design, we believe that technology can be luxurious too. Our name reflects this love of tech and digital. We are NEVER ANALOG.

Where is NEVER ANALOG made?

Our products are Made in Italy.

Watch Bands

What color leather watch bands for Apple Watch do you offer?

NEVER ANALOG. leather watch bands for Apple Watch are available in four colours: Marche black, Luca espresso, Ravello tan, and Lecce shell white.

What colour pins and buckles do your watch bands come in?

NEVER ANALOG. leather watch bands are available in six different pins and buckle color options to match your Apple Watch, including: Matte Silver, Matte Gold, Matte Rose Gold, Matte Space Gray, Stainless Steel, and Stainless Steel Space Black.

Are your pins and buckles an identical match to my Apple Watch?

All our pins and buckles are made using stainless steel. As a result, our Matte Silver, Matte Gold, Matte Rose Gold and Matte Space Gray pins and buckles are not an identical match to the Aluminium Apple Watch Sport, but our Research and Development team has gotten it pretty darn close! Our pins and buckles are a 98 per cent color match to the Apple Watch Sport.

Are your watch bands waterproof?

No, as with all leather goods, you should avoid exposure to water and other liquids as it erodes the leather quality.


Where are your leathers made?

All our leathers are Made in Italy. Our leathers are carefully sourced and produced in the Italian regions of Tuscany and Marche, two regions internationally-renowned for the quality of their leathers and leather production.

What type of leathers do you use?

We use Italian calf leather.

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